Mail Arrangements While Caravanning

Mail arrangements while caravanning

Before heading off on your next caravanning trip, it is important to make arrangements for your mail while you’re away from home.  Failure to do this and you risk missing important letters and those odd bills that you fail to take care of.  Additionally, mail spilling out of your letterbox is a sure way to advertise that you are away from home and invite disaster from the criminal elements.

Here are a few tips for managing your mail while caravanning:

  • If you are heading off on a short trip, ask a neighbour to help out by collecting your mail for you.
  • For longer trips, re-direct your mail to a family member or friend. They can then manage your mail in accordance with your instructions.  This may entail scanning documents and emailing them to you or simply sending you a text description of the envelope.
  • Arrange for a PO Box and have all your mail directed to it.  A friend or family member can then collect the mail on a pre determined time frame and forward it in a pre-paid envelope to your next destination.
  • Use a mail forwarding service such as Post Haste, Pass the Post etc.  Check the hidden fees though as this option works out the most expensive with additional fees for posting parcels, faxes, banking cheques etc..
  • To minimise unwanted mail or an excessive build-up in your letterbox, Australia Post recommends putting a ‘Australia Post Only’ sign on your letterbox. This will hopefully limit the number of catalogues and pamphlets that your neighbour or housesitter needs to sort through.
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