Public Dump Points in Victoria

Public Dump Points in VictoriaPublic dump points offer a place for caravanners to dispose of grey and black water, as well as sewage waste. Visiting a dump point is the most environmentally friendly method of emptying waste from a caravan.

There are also certain rules and etiquettes governing the use of public dump points and waste disposal sites. If you do not have access to such a point or toilet waste disposal facility then you can bury the waste completely and at least 100 metres from a water body and 1 km away from camp sites, national parks, reserves or populated places.

Most dump points will also provide a hose for rinsing holding tanks. Unless stated otherwise, be careful not to use this hose to refill fresh water tanks, as the hose may not contain clean (potable) drinking water.

Free Public Dump Point Locations in Victoria

Nearest City Name / Address GPS Location
Ararat Green Hill Lake Road, Ararat 37.2904, 142.9897
Bendigo Showgrounds, Holmes Road, Bendigo 36.4418, 144.1623
Cobram Cobram Showgrounds, Banks Street 35.5518, 145.3909
Colac Showgrounds, Bruce Street 38.2008, 143.3612
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