Choosing a Camp Oven

Nothing beats the taste and convenience of cooking your favourite meal on an open fire than using a camp oven. It doesn’t matter whether you like using hot coals on an open fire or cooking on a gas stove, it’s a versatile and easy way to cook either inside or outside your caravan.

Cast iron camp ovens are the most popular designs and are generally the easiest to use.  Cast iron camp ovens hold the heat well and need very few coals to maintain the heat.  The disadvantage is that they are heavy and are prone to damage if dropped or washed with cold water while still hot.

Choosing a Camp Oven

Cast iron camp ovens featuring a lip around the circumference of the lid.

Spun steel camp ovens are lighter than cast iron camp ovens and wont break if dropped.  The disadvantage is that due to the thin construction, more care is needed to ensure correct and even temperature control.

Here’s a few handy camp oven tips…

  • If you only buy one camp oven, choose a 12 inch (30.48 cm) pot as it is more versatile than other sizes available – like the 10 inches (25.4 cm) and 15 inches (38.1 cm).
  • If you prefer to cook on a gas stove choose a flat bottom camp oven, however, if you prefer cooking a lot on open fires you may prefer an oven with extended feet.
  • Go for a design that will hold heat beads or coals on the lid to allow for more even temperature control. The lip will also stop ash getting inside when you lift the lid
  • Never wash your camp oven with soap or detergent. The porous metal will absorb the cleaning agent and spoil the taste of your cooking. Instead, use only a sponge or cloth with hot water.
  • Before using your camp oven for cooking, be sure to ‘season’ it for protection and to ensure quality of flavour. Directions here… How to Season a Camp Oven
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