Camp Oven Accessories

So you’ve now got your camp oven, here are some suggestions to put on the birthday or Christmas present wish list. There are a few tools you really should have for safety and basic cooking, but the rest can be acquired over time.

Camp Oven Accessories

Here’s the things you can add to your collection in the order I believe they are most needed.

  • Gloves – thick, lined, leather gloves are an important safety accessory.  You can get by with a simple pair of work gloves, but a good pair of barbeque gloves are much safer.
  • Lid Lifter – handling the lid without dropping ash in the food or losing coals or getting it dirty is probably the part of camp oven cooking that requires the most skill. Some people use a pair of pliers but a lid lifter moves your hands away from the heat and gives you more control. Make sure to get one with a three-toed foot similar to the picture. This gives you a firm lift when picking up the lid and reduces swaying. And, remember when you’re buying your camp oven that you get one with a loop handle rather than a solid handle so there is a place for the lid lifter to stick through.
  • Shovel or spade – A small shovel or spade is very handy to spread your coals or scoop coals from the fire to the camp oven.
  • Storage Bag – Provides protection for your camp oven when travelling. Also, keeps the rest of your gear clean and away from the soot and seasoning of your camp oven.
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