UHF Channel Guide

UHF CB or citizen band radio is a 80 channel two-way radio system that uses the 476.4250–477.4125MHz, radio spectrum for short-distance line of sight communications.

The Australian Government has legislated that channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for emergency use only 

As at January 2007 the maximum penalties for the misuse of the legally allocated CB emergency channels are:

  • For general misuse – if an individual 2 years imprisonment, otherwise $165,000 (a $220 on-the-spot fine can be issued in minor cases); or
  • For interference to an Emergency call – if an individual 5 years imprisonment, otherwise $550,000

Legally restricted channels

The following channels are legislated as a part of the ACMA UHF CB Class Licence.

  • Channel 5 and 35 are designated emergency channels, and are not to be used except in an emergency. To make an emergency call, switch to Channel 5 with duplex on, if there is no response, try again with duplex off.
  • Channel 11 is the ‘call channel’ and is only to be used for initiating calls, you should quickly organise another vacant channel to continue your discussion.
  • Channel 22 & 23 are only to be used for telemetry and telecommand, packet data and voice transmission are not allowed.
  • Channel 61, 62 and 63 are reserved for future allocation and transmission on these channels is not permitted.



Calling channel 11 (allocated in law) This channel is used to call another user who may be listening on the call channel (such as a friend). After contact you must move to another channel. Most country operators sit on other general use channels. Scanning all channels is more useful to find these other operators.

Channels 22 & 23 are signalling and telemetry channels only. No voice is allowed. (allocated in law)

Channel 40 is used by highway vehicles and trucks. (firmly established by tradition)

Channel 18 is used by caravans and campers. (by courteous agreement)

Channel 10 is for 4WDrivers which is becoming more popular and is recommended officially in national parks. (by courteous agreement)

Channel 5 is for emergency repeaters (allocated in law) (For locations please ask for a repeater list)

For other regions, scanning all channels is a far more effective way of locating other UHF users in an emergency.

General use channels are therefore 9 12 17 19 to 21 24 to 30 and 39.

Please note that major cities often have one channel that attracts rude and inconsiderate people but please do not judge your new UHF radio by these people.

Channels 5 and 35 are reserved for emergency use only. Strict Penalties for misuse apply.


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