Product Review – Scrubba Wash Bag

We travel a lot, both around Oz in our 5th wheeler and around the Globe. Whilst we have a fully automatic washing machine in the 5ver, we do not always have access to the 40lts of water required for each load. Whilst backpacking overseas and cruising on ships Jan tends to wash out a few “smalls” in the sink. Not a favourite job I understand. Enter the Scrubba Wash bag.

Scrubba Wash Bag

We tested the Scrubba Wash Bag out with typical items that we would need to wash on a regular basis whilst traveling and with limited facilities on hand, little available water etc.


Scrubba Wash BagThe wash bag comes with handy instructions and water level indicators printed on the outside of the bag.


  1. Add your water to the appropriate level marked on the outside of the Scrubba Bag. How much water you add will depend on how many items you place inside. Then, add your laundry powder and you are ready to go.
  2. Roll up and clip the bag together with the plastic clip.
  3. Lay the bag flat on a surface and release any trapped air through the valve.
  4. Rub with the bottom side down. Depending on how dirty your clothes are, this could be relatively quick or it may take a several minutes. Once satisfied that you have rubbed enough undo the clip and drain out the dirty water.
  5. Rinse twice with clean water.
  6. Remove your clothes and hang them out dry.

Scrubba Wash Bag Instructions


The Scrubba Wash Bag does not require any further maintenance. Simply dry it out after each use, making sure it’s wide open for air-drying  or better still, turned inside-out. This is important to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

Our Thoughts

The Scrubba Wash Bag performed extremely well for what we wanted.  It cleaned small loads of washing effortlessly and with a small amount of water (approx 2 litres).  If water is very scare, the rinse cycles could be eliminated by using wool wash instead of conventional laundry detergent.

When dry and folded the Scrubba Bag is very small and lightweight.  We look forward to taking this with us on our next round overseas travels.  It will certainly be a big improvement from using the sink onboard a cruise or hotel room.

The wash bag also doubles as a Dry Bag, very handy when going to the beach, canoeing or taking anywhere that you need to keep you phone, wallet and valuables dry.

Many thanks to the team at for supplying a Scrubba Wash Bag for this review.

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